Strengthening the department of academics at Eagles Secondary School

The core of any School is the quality and track record of its professional cadre and the manner in which this is synchronised with the administrative functions. The Board has benefited from the experience of the School's first 5 years to make targeted appointments in key areas. In consultation with the School's Advisory Board, the School's administration is now headed by Mwalimu Greyson Mhilu, as the Headmaster, assisted by Mwalimu Kayaga Ntengo as the Deputy Headmaster and Mwalimu Dohho Array as the Senior Academic Master. Accomodation has been provided within the School compound for all senior staff and for the School Nurse.

The two science laboratories were refurbished, stocked with the necessary equipments and consumables. An experienced laboratory technician coordinates the teaching of science subjects and perpetual inventory of lab consumable. The Computer Department has been strengthened with increased LAN connectivity and a number of laptops for academic staff.

Following these appointments, download the full list of professional cadre at Eagles here.



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