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Graduation Form IV 2019

Graduation Form IV 2018

Mwalimu Day at Eagles Secondary School

Graduation and inauguration ceremony

Guest of hanour Salma Kikwete

Guest of honour with stakeholders

Academic staff and Students with class teachers

Strengthening the department of academics at Eagles HighSchool

The core of any School is the quality and track record of its professional cadre and the manner in which this is synchronised with the administrative functions. The Board has benefited from the experience of the School's first 5 years to make targeted appointments in key areas. In consultation with the School's Advisory Board, the School's administration is now headed by Mwalimu Adam Myombe, as the Headmaster, assisted by Academic master and Mwl. Emmanuel Kirabuko and Discipline and Operation Master Mwl. Julius John; A dedicated Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) department headed by Mwl. John Sengati, Marketing department headed by Mwl. Gadi  L. Kalibwami and The Campus Manager  Mwl. Savio Mwita complete the School’s Top Management Team, supported by Directors. The School has now been rebranded and renamed EAGLES HIGH SCHOOL.

MR. MYOMBE ADAM MGONDEHeadmaster 20190205 small
Eagles Secondary School
P.O Box 66, Bagamoyo - Pwani, TANZANIA

Mobile: 0783-447843 / 0738-719877
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









Makerere University

2006- 2009


Kigonsera High School



Msia Secondary School



Shasya Primary School





  1. Headmaster (The School of St Jude 2016 to 2017)

Headmaster at a charity school with more than 800 students at secondary level from Form one to form six. I accomplished a task of improving the performance of the school had been dropping year after year. We expanded the enrollment of students from vulnerable families.

Worked closely with international sponsors and donors to make sure the funds were well managed utilized for all the school community.


  1. Academic Master (The School of St Jude 2016-(6months)


  1. Chemistry teacher both A level and O level.

The School of St. Jude - Arusha (since 2014)

Did all teaching responsibilities.

Chemistry subject for classes I taught in O-level was ranked 8 th and for A-level 38th national wise.


  1. Administrative Manager

Centre for Equal Health Access Lesotho (CEHAL-2010-2013)

He was the in charge of the day-to-day operation of the hospital which has branches in Republic of South Africa, Kingdom of Lesotho and Zambia. I represented the hospital in national and international forums.

  1. Chemistry teacher: Makerere Modern Secondary School (Uganda) 2008 – 2010.

All teaching duties

Welcome to Eagles Secondary School (ESS).
ESS is a boys’ boarding school that started off with two Form I streams in January 2006. Its first Form IV graduands - 31 of them - rolled out at an auspicious graduation ceremony on 24 October 2009. graced by The First Lady, Mama Salma Kiwete, Chairperson of Taasisi ya Wanawake na Maendeleo Tanzania.
Headmaster 20190205As reported elsewhere we scale up to are expected to scales up to full High School status on 8 March 2010, with the Class of 2006 forming the nucleus of the first A-level intake. Since then the Eagles output has been better and better, culminating in the 2013 reuslts pushing us into Top 30.
The mission of the school is to provide high quality education, preparing students for responsible and rewarding lives through promoting and developing self-confidence, creativity and an inquiring mind; promoting an understanding and respect for others, team-work and leadership; and readiness to work hard for advancement of self, family and Nation in this challenging e-world.

Subjects taught at o-level are: Kiswahili, English, History, Geography, Basic Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Civics, Book-keeping, Commerce and Computer studies. All these subjects are accomodated in the 8 combinations offered at A-level: PCM, PCB, PGM, EGM, ECA, HGE, HKL and HGK. In all cases, we follow the syllabi provided by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Religion and prayer are compulsory, provided at the School by prior arrangement with the respective denominations. There are spacious sports grounds for soccer, basketball and volleyball.

The School has recruited a good team of well trained and experienced teachers and professional staff, their number rising from 15 at end-2009 to 40 in 2010. We offer a conducive learning atmosphere in the form of all the necessary teaching and learning materials, well furnished and ventilated classrooms and spacious dormitories. We also have the following learning facilities: a library with 1,500 books as well as selected national newspapers, a networked computer laboratory (2 students per desktop) and fully stocked chemistry, biology and physics laboratories.

A small but well stocked sick-bay headed by a qualified nurse attends to the School community.

For protection of the environment, we have moved away from traditional septic tanks and sockaway pits. We have a state-of-the-art solids and wastewater treatment system based mainly on anaerobic digestors. Waste is collected through sewer lines under anaerobic conditions to the treatment point where organisms are reduced, producing methane gas at the same time. The stable material is then used as manure while the gas is used as fuel the science laboratories.

ESS is located in the historical town of Bagamoyo. It is about 2 km from the bus stand and just behind St. Marian High School and ADEM. As soon as you arrive at ESS, you sense its uniquely friendly, spacial and empathetic atmosphere.

My philosophy is to treat each student as an individual, capable of greatness. At ESS we accept motivated children, even those with average intelligence, aiming to uplift them to become amongst the Nation's best.  

My message to Parents is that we see you as partners working together to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and channel them toward the appropriate subjects of specialisation. Each student’s progress is assessed regularly, both in quantitative scoresheets and qualitative assessments by his teachers, with reports given to students and parents. Parents interact with us via at least 2 parent-teacher meetings every year.

I am a firm believer in fair, sensible discipline, enforced with empathy and common sense that seamlessly puts a wayward child back to the course of compassion and tolerance for others. However, for the avoidance of doubt, ESS has zero-level tolerance for smoking, drugs, immoral relationships, belligerency and bullying behaviour.

Again, I warmly welcome you to ESS, a secure and safe environment to thrive in. My ambition is to see my boys enter the wider world as mature, confident and successful young adults.



Eagles Boys aims to be a learning community of students, staff and parents. We intend to move away from the traditional model of teachers dispensing knowledge to passive pupils. Students, teachers and parents learn and develop together and use a variety of innovative learning strategies, giving high priority to ICT. An interactive website and E-mailing system caters to the communication needs of the School and its various stakeholders.

In the midst of the technological revolution, we have not lost sight of our primary need to communicate as human beings. We will put a strong emphasis on values, honesty, good discipline, group work and team building. We will also conduct our affairs in a transparent and democratic manner, with boys, staff and parents being involved at every level. We are also connected by information communication technologies.

We will strive to remain at the forefront of the use of appropriate technology in order to bring our educational ideals to fruition. We accept the reality in which we live and embrace those aspects of technology that will enable us to become a closer and more connected learning community

Eagles Boys' is a boarding school with a difference

The boarding concept has thrived at Eagles Boys, where boys are fully occupied at school for the whole period, with regular outings to visit attractive historical and cultural or tourist sites locally or upcountry. It is really the best of both worlds. All our students boarders, with the Headmaster and most of the teachers living within the School compound also.

Strong Academics and a vast range of Extra Mural Activities. We have assembled an exceptionally strong team of teachers and .We also place a great deal of emphasis on the all-round development of every member of the school community in cultural and sporting pursuits. There is something to suit very taste and our boys will achieve the best results

We intend to have a happy school!

Mr. Myombe Adam Mgonde
The Headmaster

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  • Title Deeds: Plots Numbers 660, 661. and 662 Block "N", Kidongo Chekundu, Bagamoyo
  • Registration Number: S.2397 (Ministry of Education and Vocational Training)
  • Examinations Centre Number: S. 2354 (National Examinations Council of Tanzania)
  • Taarifa fupi kuhusu Shule ya Sekondari ya Eagles

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