Eagles High School is now transforming from using chalks and papers and start using ipad connected with the internet. Form one and form two will be the pioneer of this program and the plan is to have the whole school using this technology.

e learning at eagles high school 2019 02 14
On the picture: Eagles High School teachers sharing skills with E-Learning facilitators on how to teach using iPad.

e learning at eagles high school 2019 02 14b
On the picture: School management team in a joint picture with  E- learning facilitators. From right hand side Mr Adam Myombe(H/Master), John Sengati (M&E), Mr. Paul ( facilitator from Kenya), Gadi Lameck( Marketing Coordinator), Miss Liette ( facilitator from Namibia), Ernest Mwita ( Boarding master) and Julius John (Discipline and Operation Master)

E-learning refers to electronically supported learning and teaching of any kind. Any form of learning in which digital communication, electronic devices or the internet is used to support the learning process might be described as a form of e-learning, which also comprises education technology.