The Eagles Secondary School is a boys-boarding school devoted to provide a good quality ordinary education using the Tanzanian Curriculum. The school enrolls obedient youth with good performance in academics. See also: PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT - EAGLES SECONDARY SCHOOL BAGAMOYO [REG.NO. S.2397]

  • Eagles are majestic, magnificent, powerful and full of dignity
  • Eagles are considered as Kings of the birds
  • They are the symbol of conquerors

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The school is located in Bagamoyo Coast, 80 Kms from Dar es Salaam. It is situated in a very important historical location in a site earmarked for education facilities in Bagamoyo town ensuring an ideal environment for intellectual development. The neighboring sites include the Roman Catholic Mission, Nia Njema Secondary School, St Marian School, and MANTEP. The Coast is only 3 kilometers from the school.Phyical address is Magomeni Ward, Nia Njema area, just outside Bagamoyo. Telephone contacts are 0738-719869/870/875/876; 0754-303759; 0715-303759; 0769-918108; 0787-818108; 022-2123103 (landline) or 022-2122562 (fax) in Dar es Salaam.

Tangazo la Sekondari ya Eagles. Watumie na marafiki zako!