The school is owned by the Bahari Eagles Foundation, a limited company incorporated under the Companies Act 2002 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The founders - six families - are patrons who are mostly educators and professionals in the fields of agronomy, banking, economics, accountancy, engineering and business. The 12 shareholders elect a Board of Directors of  5 to set policy and supervise the School management. With the  Government approval, a new School Manager has been appointed - Eagles High School Limited – whose sole mandate and core business is  operation of the School. The School has been re branded as Eagles High School providing  full National curriculum.

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Under the Education Act, 1978, the School Manager is advised by the School Advisory Board that comprises Board appointees; representatives of the academic staff and persons of sound academic standing appointed by the Regional Education Officer from within Pwani Region. The Headmaster is Secretary to the School Advisory Board.
The school has a team of experienced, and motivated professional teachers and senior staff, most of whom are graduates.

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