The plot size of the school is ten hectares (about 25 acres) and the botanical environment assures students of an intensive level of learning, guidance and patron care.
The school has a favourable staff-student ratio. The boarding provides spacious and comfortable accommodation in cubic dormitories of 4 students each. The dedicated residence staff offers a home-from-home atmosphere as well as guidance and support in a structured environment that facilitates intensive study.

The facilities also include:

  • A fully stocked library with scientific and liberal arts literature
  • A sickbay and fulltime nurse to attend to health concerns of students. Referral cases are sent to the Government Hospital nearby for further treatment or to Dar es Salaam.
  • Recreational grounds, with sports games facilities
  • Extra-curricular has a wide range of activities to tap and develop individual youth talents. These include, Scouts, public speaking, football, music, art, basketball, volleyball and interactive clubs etc Students are expected to take increasing responsibility as they progress through the school.
  • A well cared orchard provides us with fruits and vegetables in season to ensure constant quality well balanced diet for healthy students
  • Career guidance an counseling services for students and parents
  • A regular electrical supply supplemented by a standby generator
  • Adequate clean water supply from NUWA and underground water supplies
  • Language stress on English
  • Fully stocked computer laboratory with an interactive website and internet access by means of which the school community interacts with its stakeholders


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